Steering & Suspension

We offer a full and comprehensive range of top quality, shock absorbers and suspension components, and steering parts for all makes and models of cars and 4WDs. Look no further for all your suspension products, Shock absorbers, repairs or upgrades, head straight to the experts.

Our highly trained technicians are able to check, service, repair or install all your suspension and shock absorber components to ensure your vehicles handling and cornering is smooth and precise. Keeping your vehicle’s suspension in shape is essential for safety and performance.

Our installations and repairs include the following services:

  • Shock absorbers testing and replacement
  • Bush and Arm repairs or replacement
  • Strut Replacement
  • Spring Replacement
  • Lowering
  • Front-end rebuilds/repairs
  • Power steering repairs and/ or replacement
  • CV joints
  • Racks, Rod end replacements
  • Wheel alignments
  • Ball Joints
  • Control Arms
  • Suspension Bushes (Urethane or Rubber)

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