Tune-Ups & Diagnostics

Our highly trained technicians can carry out a high-tech electronic tune up and diagnostic of your vehicle, using the latest diagnostic scan tools and electronic tuning equipment. Regular tune-ups will extend the life of your vehicle and to keep your car performing correctly and operating at its full performance potential. Some vehicles only require an annual tune-up.

Some later model cars have computers that will constantly tune your engine while driving. It is essential to make sure that the sensors/computer is regularly checked and tested, as some components may need cleaning. Parts like air filters, spark plugs and even oxygen sensors need to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure your engines computer keeps your vehicle running at peak performance.

We generally include in tune-ups:

  • Diagnostic check
  • Spark plugs
  • Points - if required
  • Top quality NGK or OE spark plugs and Ryco filters
  • Excludes fuel and air filter, platinum and precious spark plugs

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